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MoneyGame - Business Simulation Game

MoneyGame is a free-to-play browser-based business simulation game where your main goal is to make as much virtual money as possible. Choose your own way to become rich by founding and managing many different types of companies, trading stocks, speculating with floating currencies and much more. The game aims to simulate a realistic, player-driven economy.

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1801 active companies
USD 73 075 202.55+ in circulation
Resources are made by workers in production companies. After just a couple of completed jobs you can create your own production company!
Floating currencies, resources, products and public stock companies can be traded in real time with other players on The Exchange!
The game features an expanding world map where players can base their apartment renting and retail store companies.
Once you have accumulated some money, more advanced company types become available. You can construct or found retail stores, apartment renting companies and even banks.
Banks give players the possibility to lend money for investments or deposit their money to make small gains via interest rates.