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Official announcements are posted here by game staff.
151 posts 15 threads Last post by SlackerGuy
2nd Dec 2020 17:10:36
Ask the community for help with any problems you might have.
190 posts 58 threads Last post by AppleStore
22nd Nov 2020 02:03:16
Report problems and describe new ideas to us here.
350 posts 81 threads Last post by fnx5STvz
16th Oct 2020 17:26:38
Advertise and discuss MoneyGame business here.
347 posts 100 threads Last post by SlackerGuy
3rd Nov 2020 15:40:32
Everything and nothing goes here.
66 posts 21 threads Last post by SlackerGuy
22nd Oct 2020 13:05:58
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