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What's this game about?
This is a browser-based, text-based and free to play business simulation game. The game's main goal is to make as much virtual money as possible. You start earning money as a simple worker at other companies, after which you can quickly found your own company - or companies. There are over 15 different company types. Core features include trading floating currencies and resource on The Exchange, gambling minigames, auctions and more.
How do I make money?
To get started you should find a job (you can work up to 5 jobs a day, 10 if you have VIP) and complete the beginner bonus actions (first market offer, first company, first avatar, etc.).

After collecting a little bit of money from your jobs, you can set up your own production company under Dashboard » Companies & Jobs. Offer a decent enough wage and you can get workers to your company, who will produce goods, which you can sell on The Exchange.

It is important to follow the Notifications that you can see at the top of your Dashboard page! They give you live information on what you should focus on next, including crucial information about your companies.
How often can I work?
You can work up to 5 jobs a day (10 if you have VIP). It is also possible to work more jobs in a day by drinking Boost Drinks. The day is based on server time (UTC time zone).
How do I buy Food Packages, Medicine Boxes, Boost Drinks or Flu Vaccines?
You must find a retail store via the World Map. If you buy from a retail store that is in the same city and country as your apartment home, you will not have pay any delivery fee. Homeless people and foreigners must by pay a delivery fee to the government with each purchase.
How do I get a home?
You have to find an apartment renting company location via the World Map. Look for pieces of land with a home icon on them, indicating that an apartment building has been constructed.
How do I create a company?
Go to Dashboard » Companies & Jobs and click on the "Create New Company" button.
How do I send money or other things to someone?
Go to Dashboard » Private Trades and click on the "Send Money" or "New Trade" buttons. You can also send from a company that you are a director of, via the Company Management page.
Why can't I trade resources between my companies or send items to myself?
To keep the market going, all resource trades between companies must be made via The Exchange. Players can only buy items from Retail Stores, to make sure that Retail Store companies actually have use.
I have a construction company - how do I build?
A land owner has to ask your company to build on their land. Note that you must have enough resources (cement and electricity) to accept a building contract.
What's the difference between a private and a public company?
Private companies can only be traded via Private Trades, while public companies are also listed for trading on The Exchange. By default all player-created companies are private companies. If your company's net worth is over 200 000 USD, you can IPO by selling 500 shares on The Exchange. Note that special rules apply to IPOd companies, such as the requirement of always working towards the interest of all active shareholders.