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Hi Gluten,

Any updates on thoughts / development following the feedback?
In which direction would you want the game to go?
Is the feedback useful? Are they in line with your vision or not?
Do you have any general or specific ideas on how to achieve your vision for the game?

Hope to see some updates soon as the activity is decreasing a lot.
i think health should be able to recover while you have a house (cus being homeless decreases hp, living indoors is better)
popping pills shouldn't be required

also it would be nice to speculate on the exchange in real-time. like the other day the BRL was at 0.02 (and should of caused mass-panic) and suddenly (as if by magic) it has recovered,
Things are slowing down harshly. I've only been popping on once a day. My companies are on standstill to keep from going broke and losing other people's money.
Everyone is at losing money this moment, XDCD has drop 3k+ in value... I think we really require some attention here..
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