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Community » Forum » Announcements » October 2023 Update

Game Staff

I am excited to announce the newest MoneyGame update with the following changes!

Resource requirement for Retail Stores
Retail Stores now spend 10 kWh of Electricity with each sale to customers. The amount is the same regardless of the amount of items sold. 500 kWh of Electricity has been added to active retail stores so that they have a little bit of extra time to acquire more of the required resource.

Simple weather system
Each country now has their own daily weather, based on real life data. Important values are temperature (degrees celsius), wind speed (meters per second) and rain amount (millimeters). You can see current and historical weather info on each country's own page under the World Map page. The weather is updated once every 24 hours.

The current weather affects the production speed of the resources Electricity (wind), Water (rain) and Grain, Herbs, Caffeine (temperature and rain). You can find more precise information in the Game Manual.

Note that the formulas are still considered preliminar and are subject to possible optimization in the future. Of course all balancing feedback from you players is very welcome!

Newspaper system
A new company type has been added. You can now create Newspaper companies, which can create their own newspaper articles that are readable by players who subscribe to that company. Newspaper companies can set their own weekly subscription fee. Available newspapers with various sorting options are available under Business > Newspapers. Newspapers can allow for example experienced players to give investment hints to less experienced players.

Other small changes
- Construction resource requirements have returned to their original values.
- When creating an auction for shares, the shares must be worth at least USD 100.00.
- Updated icon set to Font Awesome 6.
- Fixed an issue that led the automatic worker wage to be displayed wrong on the Manage Production page.
- Added direct links to the company management page to several locations listing the companies that you are managing.
- Fixed display issues on mobile devices on the landing page.
- Small design adjustments here and there.

Mogul   VIP
Will we be able to hire writers for newspaper companies? The wage could be something like 100 per posted article ($50 wage because of the $50 fee).
Game Staff
@Matth99: A system to allow for customization regarding the abilities of hired directors is planned for a future update, perhaps the system you are suggesting could be included in some way.
Millionaire   VIP
Is there a way to preview news before paying
Game Staff
Businessman   VIP
Newspaper have some bugs and need some fix.

My published article showing date "1st Jan 1970"

And the draft articles need to have a option to publish.
Why did the draft articles also deduct the $50 fee?
Game Staff
@Alex: The date published bug has been fixed. You can publish an article that is a draft by clicking Edit on the article and then changing the status to Published.
Businessman   VIP

Make this change, pls.
The fee 50$ should be deducted only when published. Not at draft time.