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Community » Forum » Feedback » Increase demand for medical/food

1st Aug 2017 05:00:30
ÑI propose that the rates that players lose health and energy are increased, in order to also increase the demand for Medical & Food. The economy is young and needs a pulse to get it running - and I mean that in the player's experience as well.

Perhaps random events could occur that decrease health/energy: factory fire, natural disaster, a spreading virus, things that would affect your health and spend energy fixing.

While we're on the subject, how about random events that affect company assets? A power outage in Finland leaves affected electric companies -5,000€. That would decrease the value of company stock, making shareholders wanting to sell and cash out, thus money circulating, etc etc.

And all of these random events could be managed via inbox, id assume.

Just some thoughts.
1st Aug 2017 06:29:05
Jabbawack VIP
I agree with the faster depletion of health and energy rate.

However, I do like the random events a lot, I just am unsure if the economy can support large costs of disasters quite yet. The worst thing that should really happen to our lemonade stand sized companies is probably $50-150. At least until we gain more of a population increase, then could have more drastic events. Or perhaps staged random events. Once your company accumulates a certain Net Worth ceiling (similar to ranks), your disaster fees would be much higher ($1k) along with the possibility of cheaper disasters like the 50$.

Or, if Gluten would add onto the loan system for banks (in relation to my thread) so that people actually HAVE to pay back banks, that would result in an actual purpose for banks to be able to afford to pay back their consumers if a higher disaster struck them. Because as of now, one disaster would automatically put your bank in debt. And other banks cant loan you money if you never have to pay it back. So I think it would just be a higher demand for loans in the long run, with creates a smoother economy all together.

Perhaps a credit score system too? Or a way to see people's debt/assets/history or something before deciding to loan them. So you can tell what their % of repaying is and other ways of helping you decide if they're a good investment or not.

These are very much needed systems.

P.S. Gluten, please make stages of lesser rewards in slot machine, not just 3-of a kind!!! xD
1st Aug 2017 18:05:31
I don't like random events and I don't think food consumption should change.

I think health should be linked to the type of jobs you do as this will different for more manual jobs.

Also I think all companies should be required to purchase some level electricity to run their operations and would help support that market by creating demand.
1st Aug 2017 20:38:21
Not sure if just an increase in player demand will help.
It looks like there is barely any influx of $ into the game, just a couple $ from the every new player starts with and gambling(if that isn't considered an outflow).
Without NPC's to flow $ into the game we'll need exponential increasing amount of players to join, which still doesn't seem enough.

I think there should be NPC's who buy a couple items from retail shops every day, rent some apartments etc. will be much needed help for the economy to grow.

Banks should be allowed to lend out a multiple of their assets, and I like Jabba's idea of increasing insight into the player/company you lend to. (possibly even an option to cease assets when the company falls below an agreed upon asset/debt ratio.)

I also like Monty's idea of requiring electricity for operations.
4th Aug 2017 18:16:30
Looks like the food market on the verge of a crash if demand is not stepped up.
4th Aug 2017 18:58:29
Yeah, much like most other items at the moment.

Really hope the developer will implement something to increase demand soon.
7th Aug 2017 18:11:07
Quoting MontyDon:
Looks like the food market on the verge of a crash if demand is not stepped up.

Welp, looks like the demand on the exchange completely gone.
7th Aug 2017 18:49:22
Yep its dead.
10th Aug 2017 19:14:21
We all really need this addressed.
11th Nov 2017 02:39:56
Solve the food demand issue by getting rid of the daily work limit. Allow users to work an unlimited amount each day, but make the hit to energy larger. That way, active users can accumulate wages faster while also providing higher demand for food.
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