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Shareholders and directors of a company can view the company's management page, by clicking on the "Manage Company" button on the company's page. If a company owns shares, it is the directors of that owning company that are regarded as the shareholding persons for viewing and voting purposes.

Money & Items

The "Money & Items" tab is visible to both shareholders and directors of the company. It lists the company's money, items, bank deposits, bank loans, owned land and owned shares.


Similar to your own history under the Dashboard, the company's "History" tab shows a detailed log of important events.


Under the "Financials" tab you can view a summary of the company's finances for each month, including the currently pending one. Shown values include sales, fees, interests and more.

Shareholder Decisions

Shareholders can see the "Shareholder Decisions" tab. Under this tab, shareholders will vote for changes in the company such as hiring a new director or firing an existing director. Any shareholder can create a new vote. If the shareholder that creates the vote owns over 50% of the company, the decision will be passed immediately. Otherwise, a vote is created, where all shareholders can vote either Yes or No until either side has more than 50% of the votes.