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Help » Game Manual » Creating a company

To create a new company, go to Dashboard » Companies & Jobs and click on the "Create New Company" button. You will have to fill in some fields, which are explained in detail below. Note that the name, type or country of the company cannot be changed later!

Company Name
Choose a company that is in good taste and not against our Terms of Service or Game Rules.

The home country of the company. This will be the basis for wage currencies and the like, but won't limit the location of owned land or constructions.

Initial Capital
How much money you want to send to the company, usable for wages or other investments. You can enter 0 here, but it is generally a good idea to put some starting money into the company.

Company Types
Holding A company that doesn't produce any goods or services, but can own other companies' shares.
Electricity Production Produces electricity (required by construction companies) by employing workers.
Cement Production Produces cement (required by construction companies) by employing workers.
Food Production Produces food packages (sold by retail companies to persons) by employing workers.
Medicine Production Produces medicine boxes (sold by retail companies to persons) by employing workers.
Construction Can build retail stores and apartment buildings on request. Needs lots of money invested to buy resources (cement and electricity).
Apartment Renting Able to provide apartments to persons. Requires land with apartment building constructed.
Retail Able to sell items such as food packages and medicine boxes to private persons. Requires land with retail store constructed, money to buy sold items.
Bank Provides savings accounts with custom interest rates, plus loaning services.