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Help » Game Manual » Trading on The Exchange

Live Data

Under the Live Data tab you can see the current situation of the market: latest prices, price history, some data about available offers and so on. Select a specific thing from the dropdowns and press "Update" to see some useful data of the thing you are interested in. You can see values from the last hour day, 5 days, month, 3 months and 1 year period by clicking on the respective values. All prices and trades on The Exchange are in USD.

Last - The price last traded for.
Change - Change in price over the time period you have chosen.
Range - Minimum and maximum trade price during the time period you have chosen.
Volume - Amount traded during the time period you have chosen.
Ask - Current lowest sell offer price.
Bid - Current highest buy offer price.
Create Offer - Quick links to the Create Offer form for the selected thing.

Create Offer

To create a new buy or sell offer, select the "Create Offer" tab, and fill in the details of your offer as explained below.

Create As - You can select whether you want to create the offer as a private person, or as a company that you are the director of.
Offer Type - Select whether you want to buy or sell.
Thing - Select what you want to buy or sell.
Amount - The amount of things you want to buy or sell.
Price Each - The each price for the thing you want to buy or sell, always in USD. If you are buying, the system will automatically try to get the cheapest available offer for you, but will not go over the value entered here. For sell offers, the system will try to sell for as high as possible, but never less than the amount entered here.

My Offers

Under the My Offers tab you can see your current active The Exchange offers. Trades that are already completed can be seen under Dashboard » History instead, or under your company's management page "History" tab.