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28th Nov 2017 13:04:42
Hello everyone, I am glad to join this promising game but I need some clarifications as a beginner.

How is it possible to sell the shares I own as a private citizen ?

Thank you for getting back to me the soonest. :)
28th Nov 2017 13:29:36
Agreed is their a way to list companies shares for auction?
1st Dec 2017 11:32:01
Quoting evilcorp:
Agreed is their a way to list companies shares for auction?

It happens that I works in 2 of your companies Meds4u and Burger King
1st Dec 2017 18:33:49
Thanks for your repeated hard work, evilcorp and JP Morgan appreciate your efforts!
2nd Dec 2017 18:56:50
thanks... I would like to get rid of the company i own (huehuehu...) do you have an idea how ?
4th Dec 2017 12:20:35
Feel free to send JP Morgan unwanted shares or companies, earn $15 in the process, heres how!

The Dashboard > Private Trades > New Trade > Trade With: Company > 'JP Morgan' > Thing: Company Shares > Amount: 10000 (For getting rid of company) > Total Price: 15.00 (Free would be cool!) > United States Dollar > Create Trade

We welcome any business at JP Morgan!