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Community » Forum » Feedback » Brazil in crisis

21st Nov 2017 18:22:29
there is no food available to the brazilian community; zero food in the country,
also foreign investors have bought up all the land and done nothing with it, it is a ghost town.
21st Nov 2017 18:35:53
I'd be happy to build you a retail store, but construction costs are far too high.
21st Nov 2017 20:28:24
I want to build a retail but unfortunately it'll be a while before I get all the materials
21st Nov 2017 23:17:33
@Gluten, maybe lower the construction requirements to facilitate building?
22nd Nov 2017 07:33:03
evilcorp is currently working on constructing a retail store in brazil.
feel free to send any donations to 'Trump Tower' or 'JP Morgan'
22nd Nov 2017 11:47:53
feel free to donate to YOLO INC and get a free smartwatch
22nd Nov 2017 17:27:53
Quoting licinusC:
@Gluten, maybe lower the construction requirements to facilitate building?

Nah construction costs are fine, if anything - raise them for each building built in the city (as it usually gets more expensive to build in bigger cities).

The economy just needs a little boost.

Anyway - sold some land in brazil to evilcorp and fryte, let's see how quickly they can build something :-)
25th Nov 2017 22:53:28
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