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Link exchange
Suggestion: Every production company will get an url which they can use to generate workers from outside the game (no reCaptcha required for this).
Max usage: The link will only work up to 5 times a day per company.
Costs: It'll cost the CEO 10% energy on click, the link will only work when the company has assigned a CEO.

This might both help solve the problem of the little amount of available workers, and increase demand in food.
Millionaire   VIP
Robot workers
Suggestion: Ability to hire robot workers*
Max usage: 5 per day per company
Costs: 1 USD (or equivelent in currencies) plus 50 to 100 electricity per worker.

*add a tickerbox to automatically hire them each day if the company has enough money and electricity to prevent too much micro-managing
+1 Robot Workers