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Community » Forum » Feedback » Suggestion: General overviews

Millionaire   VIP
General overviews help manage multiple businesses, any company the player is in CEO or Director position should be included in the overview.

Production overview:
Production company / Sector / Net value / Available jobs [editable] / Wage [editable]

Currency assets:*
pvt person or Company / Sector / Net Value / USD / EUR / BRL - (USD equivelent per currency and/or total)
*Include a total of columns

Inventory overview:*
pvt person or Company / Sector / Products - (USD equivelent per product and/or total)
*include a total of columns

Retail overview:
Company / Land / Product1 - Price [editable] / Product 2 - Price [editable] / etc.

Apartment overview:
Company / Land / Rented apartments / Available apartments [editable] / Rent [editable]

These, and maybe more could help manage multiple companies.