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Community » Forum » Feedback » SSL?

13th Nov 2017 02:25:59
Just wondered about why there is no SSL.

It doesnt autofill credit card details without SSL so potentially missing out on money as well :)
13th Nov 2017 07:20:05
Yes please. Easiest would probably be via Cloudflare + self-signed origin certificate.
13th Nov 2017 15:44:12
13th Nov 2017 16:28:39
Admin Moderator
We should have SSL support soon!
15th Nov 2017 17:36:38
yay for ssl! however the connection between cf and the origin server is still unencrypted
15th Nov 2017 18:22:28
Admin Moderator
After some battling with Lighttpd, I think I got the encryption working cloudflare <-> our server.

May I ask, how did you know that part was unencrypted Bill Rich?
15th Nov 2017 20:49:33
I checked your DNS to see where you're hosting and still had those IPs at hand
16th Nov 2017 09:40:37
Admin Moderator
Shouldn't you only be able to see CloudFlare IPs on the DNS?
16th Nov 2017 12:09:04
Yup, now. I queried before that.