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12th Nov 2017 15:35:00

Good job on making the game a little more alive, with more players and some artificial demand to supply some money.

However I'm still very much wondering how you're planning to create a stable economy.

The current ways of increasing the money flow to the economy have been:
- Good paying govt. jobs (disturbing job market)
- The exchange (causing jobs offered by players to be priced ~10-20% below the exchange price equivelent)

The current ways of generating demand has been:
- Increasing energy depletion
- Adding a random sickness
- Increasing costs (for example, construction, forcing higher rent soon)

Problems with both solutions is, it interveres with the market a lot.
Yet, if you stop supplying money the game clearly comes to a near immidiate halt, so you can't do that until there is a new way.

I have a few suggestions that might be in-line with your ideas and which should be easy to add using the current systems.
- Add products that don't depend on player demand (for example clothes, books or whatever),
- Add companies players can build to produce those goods,
- Make (govt.?) purchases only for products that don't depend on player demand (unlimited demand),
- Prices you (the govt. or whatever) pays can be based on anything, a fixed price for now would be fine, if you can add an algoritm to it then you can base it on anything for automated inflation, such as 50% of current avarage retail food costs per worker job for example.

- Require (a little like 500) cement for each company building,
- Require (a little like 10) electricity for each job offer,
- Allow players to either work a few more jobs (or lower the 24H cooldown) or add artificial workers.

- Add product line chains (i.e. raw products to consumer products, which increases trading on exchanges)
- If players are below ~10% energy, resupply their energy to 10% after 24 hours (so players who forgot to buy food still have a chance to play later rather than wait to restart).

These suggestions would:
- Disperse supply of products, thus reduce the over-supply of all player products.
- Increase demand for player products (cement/ electricity/ food)
- Allow players to progress (constant demand for non-player products, and only player demand for player-products)
- Allow for inflation (lower supply and a little increased demand of player products - increases prices, which should also end up in increased prices of non-player products which further increases money flow etc.).

Not saying these suggestions are the only solutions, but maybe some of them might help you create a booming economy.
Maybe some other players would like to add to this or share their views.

Also, if you have different plans on how you're going to create the economy in this game I would be very interested in hearing them.
12th Nov 2017 16:24:17
Yeah at this point there is really nothing to do imo once you realize that this game basically boils down to the person who's most persistent in keeping their company in the top 5 job slots will get all of the workers and all of the money as long as they're actually people buying goods on the exchange.
12th Nov 2017 17:58:51
Admin Moderator
Your ideas look interesting.

What my plan for the economy is (some you already mentioned)
- Higher costs to construct -> need more electricity / cement
- Government company buying cement / electricity at a fixed price so there is constant demand for these products
- NPCs that buy food / medicine packs from retail stores (system is under development and should be released next week)
- More resource production type companies. Your clothes idea for this seems interesting. Any other ideas here are welcome as well.

If you have any more feedback I'm all ears! :-)
12th Nov 2017 20:39:40
Good to hear you're working on creating NPCs and increasing production types!
If I have any product ideas I'll let you know :-)