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Community » Forum » Feedback » Apartment bug?

18th Dec 2016 16:52:52
I finished building my new apartments today, so I ended my contract in New York.

I became homeless, like I should.
Went to Finland->Sauna and pressed "Rent Apartment"
10 euro was removed.

When I pressed "Home" it showed me still living in New York, but 1 person living in Finland.

Ended the contract in New York again and rented in Finland, no change.
But now it shows 2 people living in Finland..

And this shows I got rent two times from myself
Forum Screenshot

Also doesn't show anyone renting
Forum Screenshot
19th Dec 2016 08:46:30
Admin Moderator

Thank you for the detailed bug report! The problem was identified and should now be fixed.
20th Dec 2016 17:34:05
Another one?

5 rented, 5 free and only 3 contracts

Forum Screenshot
21st Dec 2016 18:00:42
Forum Screenshot
9th Jan 2017 22:08:07
Hey Tuoni, I too discover this happening today, missing rental contract.

Forum Screenshot
14th Apr 2017 12:28:40
Admin Moderator
Has this issue been solved now?
16th Apr 2017 15:06:18
Quoting Gluten:
Has this issue been solved now?

Yes i guess so. =)

Thank you.
23rd Jun 2017 16:26:30
how long does it take to build a house after giving the construction company