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Community » Forum » Feedback » Should the game really run on a 24 hour day?

11th Nov 2017 20:09:52
I think that the game would be better off running on a faster time scale. Instead of having a 24 hours day, shorten it to something like 6 hours. This will allow people to work more frequently, increase the demand for food and medical supplies, and reduce down time.
11th Nov 2017 20:21:40

Not only that but there's just not much to do otherwise. I'd like to play more but after setting up for the day there's nothing left.
11th Nov 2017 23:15:01
Yeah, the once a day is really a slow pace.
12th Nov 2017 07:29:50
Also agree with this... bored!
12th Nov 2017 12:04:25
Admin Moderator
Wouldn't every 6 hours be a bit excessive? Having to wake up in the middle of the night to work... :-)
12th Nov 2017 15:03:51
Yeah I was thinking 12 hours would be better. Sleep is important xD.
12th Nov 2017 15:31:00
I think that a six hour cycle could work. If someone has FOMO about not getting all four cycles for a day then they could wake them selves up in the middle of the night to work the extra shift lol.

You could also add a feature to put a character to sleep for X hours. Then when someone is done for the day they could go to sleep and get some minor benefit like a little energy (as long as they have a home) that would make missing out on the work cycle not as bad, or at least feel not as bad.

Edit: Sleeping could also factor into how frequently someone gets sick. Well rested players would theoretically be more healthy and would not be sick as often as a player who never sleeps.