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Community » Forum » Help » not getting paid for work

11th Nov 2017 16:18:26
Hi everybody!

Is this game dead yet? I joined today, took on 5 jobs and i was only paid for 2!
I'm in Helsinki and NO shop offers anything - WTF?

What's going on...

11th Nov 2017 16:27:35
Are you sure you weren't paid? Go to and look at your work history. Note that most parts of the game only show your USD, so if you were paid in a different currency then it won't appear in your USD totals.
11th Nov 2017 16:33:03
thank you. i understood that by now.
i didn't get that the 2 values in Euro and Dollar are my money.
I thought I had one account in Dollar and the second value showed the sum in Euro...