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Game Staff

A small MoneyGame update has been released.

- The database has changed from DOUBLE to DECIMAL type for currency and item amounts for better precision. If you see any strange decimal notations or rounding errors anywhere in the game, I would appreaciate if you reported about them to me.
- The wage worker success page now instructs new players more clearly about the possibility of having multiple jobs, and the chance to create their own company.
- After company creation, the player is now redirected directly to the management page of the new company.
- Added an alert to the retail store management page if the required resource electricity is low.
- Added info texts to The Exchange that the page updates automatically.
- In the future, bank loans will remember the initial amount and not just the unpaid amount. Unfortunately loans taken before this update will not show the correct initial amount.
- New players who have been referred to the game via Google or other search engines are now asked what keywords they used for statistical purposes.
- Government companies like Martta Market should no longer show up in the top 10 lists of the Community page.
- The player page now more clearly indicates if a player is dead or banned.
- Fixed some issues with the history graph on the company management page.
- Added a minimum limit of 1 USD to company advertising CPM bid.
- Made small lingual tweaks here and there.