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11th Nov 2017 15:04:15
Anyone here uses discord? IRC is falling off the map and it seems to be the best place to have a place to get to know each other. So far all the communities I'm apart of is on there so if a couple of people who is here and active can start one it can work well. And it will add a more social aspect to the game to keep players around.

About discord:
-You can use it in browser or through PC and mobile apps
-It has voice chat
-Its incredibly easy to create your own for your groups/investors

I'm willing to help start one just need to see who's interested in joining or to help moderating if nothing else.
11th Nov 2017 15:47:35
Good suggestion, maybe Gluten would like to host a main channel and put a link to it somewhere :-)
11th Nov 2017 20:14:10
Yeah we definitely need something it would help so much as communication and making connections is important in a game like this.
12th Nov 2017 01:11:05
I'll dive in if you set something up.
12th Nov 2017 15:25:03
i'm up too
12th Nov 2017 19:17:26

Just created one. Feel free to join.
24th Sep 2019 21:54:15
For moneyga, right?