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Union Co
Food has been an issue recently. Not enough retail companies have food in stock, and the companies that do are able to make the pricing outrageous. $40.00 the cheapest I could find on a lucky day. But I've seen some food packages as much as like $500. This is a big problem. We need more retailers with more food in stock in order to let the prices drop so that these companies can compete with each other. Right now they don't have to. They can make their prices very high and people will be forced to buy from them. We need to fix this now.

If you agree you can message me + friend me and maybe join this group I formed of people who agree with me. We will try to get the big companies to start dropping their prices on food and other retail products. Ty :)
The price is very reasonable considering the amount of government funded jobs that pay a lot.
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hey once i get 10K i can sell for for 25$ but i only got 3k rn so if u want cheaper food send me some money.