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Community » Forum » Announcements » April 2024 Update

Game Staff

A small MoneyGame update has now been released.

Buy Offer price limits on The Exchange
As the game is still very small, crazy price fluctuations have been possible on The Exchange, causing hyper inflated valuations for resources and therefore companies.

In today's update, the following Buy Offer price limits come into effect:
- USD 5 for Water, Caffeine
- USD 10 for Electricity, Cement, Grain
- USD 100 for Herb
- USD 200 for Food Package
- USD 500 for Boost Drink
- USD 5000 for Toxoid, Medicine Box, Flu Vaccine

More land
The remaining tiles of 4th Street and 5th Street in Chicago will be placed on auction during the coming weekend.

Smaller changes
- Only active bank loans are now counted towards receivables/debt
- Require verified e-mail to send money
- Fixed problems with the Logout button on dead/banned pages
- Some typo fixes

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