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Community » Forum » Announcements » February 2024 Update

Game Staff

A MoneyGame update has been released today. Some of the changes were silently rolled out earlier. As usual, the changes implemented are listed below.

- The logging of net worth history for players and companies has been changed from a 5 minute interval to a daily interval. The history limit has been increased from 90 days to 180 days. On the technical side, this change also affects the company management Financials tab, so please let me know if you notice any values there being off.
- The e-mailing system of the game has been reworked to allow for better statistics gathering and more engaging player retention.
- Fixed some encoding issues with special characters across the game. If your company name is broken due to the previously existing issues, please send me a message and we can have the company name fixed.
- Production companies less than 7 days old with an owner less than 7 days old have a 10% production speed boost. Possible adjustments for later are possible based on how this boost affects the economy in practice.
- Blackjack and Slot Machine have been made unavailable for accounts younger than 24 hours, to prevent new players from losing all their money and never coming back.
- Improved the Game Manual.
- Updated the landing page screenshots.
- Made small design tweaks and bugfixes.