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Community » Forum » Announcements » Small October 2023 Patch

Game Staff
Hello everybody!

A small MoneyGame patch has just been released.

The biggest change is that base resource requirements have been enabled for companies that produce Food Packages, Medicine Boxes, Boost Drinks and Flu Vaccines.

You can see the resources that are needed under the Manage Production tab on the company management page.

Additional small changes rolled out today and during last week:
- Dates now use the keywords Today and Yesterday instead of the full date when applicable.
- Small changes to the randomization of Lottery, Blackjack and Slot Machine.
- Added CSRF protection to the Logout function.
- Updated database backup system.
- Fixed a problem preventing companies from being deleted due to a rounding error.
- Some other small fixes here and there.

Work on the bigger upcoming October update has already begun and will be revealed soon.