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Community » Forum » Announcements » Second September 2023 Update

Game Staff
Hello everybody!

Today, another MoneyGame update has been released.

More resources types
New resource types have been added. From now on you can produce water, grain, caffeine, herbs and toxoids.

The production of Food Packages, Medicine Boxes, Boost Drinks and Vaccines now require some of these resources. You can see what resources and how much is needed under the Manage Production tab on the company management page.

Note that the resource requirement is temporarily disabled so that the necessary resources can first be produced. We will fully enable the resource requirements during next week.

Auction system updates
You can now create auctions with a company (that you are a CEO/director of) as the seller.

Now it is also possible to sell company shares on auction. Note that if the shares' worth drops more than 25% by the end of the auction, the auction gets cancelled (highest bidder gets their money back) and restarted.

Small changes
- The local timezone is now automatically selected for newly registered accounts. For old players: make sure you have your own local timezone selected under Dashboard > Settings to show times and dates properly across the game.
- Adjusted company creation fees and added difficulty grouping when creating a new company.
- Fixed some display issues in The Exchange graphs.
- Fixed an issue with the deletion of companies that have the same name as a previously deleted company.
- Retail stores can no longer sell base resources like electricity.
- Updated the Game Manual.

Game Staff
The enabling of resource requirements has been postponed by a few days to allow more base resources to be produced first.
Mogul   VIP
this is a cool update, but this makes it harder knowing that there's not alot of active players :(