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Community » Forum » Feedback » Admin, what is going on?

15th Jul 2023 17:14:08
thebatmax VIP
Dear Admin,

You go online at least a couple of times every week, yet nothing is happening.

You broke your promise of releasing the second part of Chicago, which was supposed to release shortly after the last update.
You broke your promise of providing regular updates to this game.
You broke your promise of fixing the economy, with sustainable solutions instead of quick fixes that just make it worse in the long run

So I have but one question for you; what do you do when you get online? Are you working on your game, or just working your worker jobs? Giving yourself some money? What is it? What do you do?

I think it is safe to say that this game has died and will not see success, it will not see what it could be by now. This game had so much potential, but it was wasted with bad decisions on your side.

So please, we all that are left in this game have one question we beg to be answered by you, one small thing we ask of you, nothing more.

Are you continuing to develop this game, or have you given up yourself?

Don't worry, you don't have to get up and actually do something significant to answer this question, all you have to do is log in like you always do, and type a few words answering the question. Nothing more, that's it.

So please answer it and stop wasting our time. We are sick of it, and I am pretty sure I speak for all of us that are left when I say that.
18th Jul 2023 20:39:24
Admin Moderator
I'm here almost every day just to check what's going on and who's been around.

Game development has stagnated for now, but the plan is to get back to it again soon and work on some new cool updates.

The game doesn't make me any money (actually it's a loss because of domain and server fees), so I don't feel like there is a huge obligation yet.