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Community » Forum » Feedback » Great job on this game, Dev!


Just wanted to give you a shout out. This game is fascinating and I was thinking about it all day.

You took on a difficult task: building an economy from scratch with real people, keeping it running and stimulating it.

I'm very interested to see how this experiment works out over time!

I know many people will give you criticisms about how the game can be improved, that’s just the nature of how it goes.

Just remember that you've done a great job so far and have given lots of people many hours of fun!

Keep up the great work.
Game Staff
Thank you for the feedback, really cheers me up! I'll continue to work to make the game more balanced.
Agreed. I am totally digging the game. Some stuff seems to be out of wack as far as resource production and consumption, but its definitely off to a good start! Im sure you will improve it over time.
I am really enjoying it as well, keep it up!