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Community » Forum » Feedback » Elected officials

25th Apr 2023 16:58:49
thebatmax VIP
Hello guys, quick question

How would you feel about players as elected officials? This could be government banks, finance ministers, prime ministers, etc.

Players who could infuse the economy with cash, set interest rates, import products, thinks like that. The Player would have to be elected through other players. To combat everyone putting themselves up for vote of whatever role and voting for themselves, you would have to set up a campaign 'company' and have a required minimum amount of cash put into it. Canditates would also not be allowed to vote. Maximum of 4 candidates for any role.
this could allow the creation of monitoring agencies against corruption and fraud also.

How would you feel about that? And what kind of positions would you want to see?

Just asking out of interest.

16th Jun 2023 13:30:30
Alex VIP
Nice Idea.

I play a game called EmpireImmo.
That have this setting.

Try yourself.