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Community » Forum » Announcements » September 2022 Patch

30th Sep 2022 17:11:29
Admin Moderator

Today, a small game patch has been released with the changes listed below. Additional updates are on the way. More countries/cities will be added in the near future as well.

Quoting Changelog:
- New landing page
- Various design changes (rounded corners, more colors, etc)
- Limited player, group and company names to a-z, 0-9, spaces, dashes (-) and underscores (_). Group and company names can additionally include apostrophes ('). Existing names are unaffected by this change
- Countries and cities are now listed as tiles
- Fixed some bugs, including broken worker captcha

30th Sep 2022 19:59:39
fnx5STvz VIP
Nice to see some updates, all look great
15th Oct 2022 13:08:22
Didn't see this announcement post until now, lol. By the way, glad to know this. Thank you.

: )