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Community » Forum » Offtopic » Members Wanted for Group

5th Mar 2021 15:28:05
Corporate Headquarters Boardroom's need members.

Wanna join. Knock Alex.
6th Mar 2021 03:50:35
mkarim VIP
I do not mind joining your group but before doing so can you tell me plz what is the use of such groups ?
6th Mar 2021 07:58:34
Hi, mkarim.
Are the abbreviation of your name is
M. Karim?
8th Mar 2021 03:45:11
mkarim VIP
Karim is my 1st name and M is the 1st letter of my last name.
8th Mar 2021 09:22:14
8th Mar 2021 14:34:48
mkarim VIP
26th Dec 2022 13:45:34
Username VIP
May I join said group?