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Community » Forum » Help » Deleting a company

7th Jan 2021 03:03:41
So I have no debt, No items and no money left in my company but i cant delete it. Can anyone help?
8th Jan 2021 01:17:07
Admin Moderator
Do you get any error message?
8th Jan 2021 19:11:21
Quoting Gluten:
Do you get any error message?

5th Mar 2021 05:36:29
mkarim VIP
I am also not able to delete one of my companies for a reason that I do not know. It hasn't any assets, debts or tangible goods. And I am not having any error message. It just says that I cannot delete it because it has money which is not correct.
6th Mar 2021 15:36:22
Admin Moderator
I made some fixes to the deletion system. Could you guys please try whether it works now? Thank you.
8th Mar 2021 14:34:05
mkarim VIP
I am still not able to delete.
8th Mar 2021 15:26:09
DELETE is not working.
8th Mar 2021 16:08:59
Admin Moderator
Does it still say that you have money or something?
9th Mar 2021 03:39:20
No, actually nothing happened.
Just refreshed (reload) the page only.
9th Mar 2021 04:18:55
mkarim VIP
Same for me as Alex.
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