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Community » Forum » Help » Boost drink

20th Nov 2020 10:30:39
I don't know if it's some kind of bug, but the last few days I haven't needed to drink a boost drink to be able to work 15 jobs a day. Is that a change that came from the November update, or some sort of bug? Does anyone else have the same "problem"?
20th Nov 2020 17:02:14
Admin Moderator
This does indeed sound like a bug. Are you able to work more than 15 jobs a day, or is that the limit?

Edit: Think I found the bug, and it should be fixed now. Please report back how this works for you by tomorrow. Thanks!
22nd Nov 2020 02:03:16
Everything works as normal again. I was able to work 15 jobs without drinking, but not more than that. Thanks for fixing the bug.