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Mogul   VIP
I would really enjoy if there could be some sort of leaderboard or achievement for the oldest accounts. And maybe a leaderboard for the account with the biggest growth in last 5 days for example. What do you guys think about this?
Mogul   VIP
So like a beta award and 1 year award and so on
Millionaire   VIP
Yeah sounds good, but I guess measurement of net worth should be fixed before you can say anything about growth or largest companies etc.

Inventory -> currently based on current exchange price -> should be based on cost of goods or lower exchange price ( over a longer time period, for example: average price over ~30 days)
Deposits -> currently deposits lower the net worth -> deposits in banks should count towards the assets of a player and thus net worth
Debts -> currently just shown as (debt), but not lowering the net worth -> should lower net worth
Loans (banks side) -> currently lowering the banks assets -> a loan is a receivable for a bank, thus should be counted towards assets!
Exchange / auction bids -> currently lowers assets / net worth -> should not affect net worth at all.
Unused companies -> unused and not profitable are kept at cost -> should be able to liquidate companies + anything that doesn't tend to generate revenue/income should be depreciated to zero.

And I'm pretty sure there are a few more which need fixing before highscores mean anything.
Businessman   VIP
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