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Community » Forum » Business » Unnatural Growth

11th Sep 2020 14:26:11
I don't know if this is the right thread, but I try it anyway.

I noticed that some players have unnatural fast growth which don't make any sense in my opinion. Someone know the reason behind that?
11th Sep 2020 14:46:24
Matth99 VIP
Strategy or having money in banks or alts 🤷
12th Sep 2020 01:32:06
Quoting Matth99:
Strategy or having money in banks or alts 🤷

Having alt accounts are not allowed (rule number 7 in the in-game rules). Which bank do you invest into? All banks I find have outrageous high debts...😅
12th Sep 2020 02:01:22
Matth99 VIP
Debt means the amount you deposit they owe you, like if i deposit 500$ in my bank it'd be a debt of 500$ meaning the value goes up 500$ but the debt of 500$ means that's a deposit. Also interest rates aren't too important since 1% is the max you can go and the only safe bank with high interest is 0.25% doesn't really do much unless you have a lot of money then you can make 5$ from like 2.5k.