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Community » Forum » Feedback » Electricity and Cement

8th Dec 2016 16:05:34
Hey there. Absolutely loving this game so far but was just wondering - with everyone working in the PLC electricity and cement businesses, would it be possible to float some of the excess stock on the market so that player-construction can begin in earnest?

8th Dec 2016 18:09:17
Admin Moderator
Thanks for the feedback! The base companies are now selling some cement and electricity on The Exchange.
8th Dec 2016 18:50:43
You just crashed the value of the cement and electric markets. Selling less than .13 is going to crash any reasonable producer.
9th Dec 2016 08:11:41
Admin Moderator
If you produce with 10/day salary or less, you'll beat that price easily. Also these offers are there just to help start the economy, so they'll be gone soon enough.
21st Dec 2016 16:09:00
Now that there is player production can you drop some of the dump. Its fixing the market rates which make it hard to trade for a profit.
31st Dec 2016 12:25:34
Anyone even buying this now? I've had mine on the market for days I have 1800kg to shift.
31st Dec 2016 13:10:23
I'm producing my own. Maybe others are as well?