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2nd Sep 2020 16:02:00
Matth99 VIP
How do you make Euro and Brazilian real besides buying them from the exchange?
3rd Sep 2020 06:06:38
fnx5STvz VIP
Work for a non us based company
3rd Sep 2020 10:30:12
Matth99 VIP
I get that, but how do they stay funded, the money from the exchange circulates from somebody. You get currency for the job but when you make a foreign company you can only sell it in US dollars. So how do you make it on your own not relying on a job or exchange.
3rd Sep 2020 11:05:39
Just like with USD, there is some NPC buying from retail stores.

This is currently broken for other currencies though, so EUR and BRL are limited, which is the reason I stopped offering jobs in those currencies and can't change rent in those countries (because that's local currency only) etc.
3rd Sep 2020 15:11:04
Matth99 VIP
How do you pay for you multiple properties in Finland and Brazil?
3rd Sep 2020 20:24:00
I still got quite a few EUR / BRL, plus the payments of land rental are circulated back into the economy (similar to gambling etc).
So I can pay for them just fine, but I can't offer jobs in them because if the currency gets stuck with someone it won't be circulated back and limit the supply even more.

Currently the only way to increase the supply of EUR / BRL in circulation would be gambling, a lot, while wasting a lot of resources.