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6th Aug 2017 22:25:06
How much does it cost per day to run an ad? And if its in a specific home country, what pages will it pop up?
7th Aug 2017 18:06:21
Price goes by the highest bidder, which is pretty cool. It's something like 21,5 per 1000 views for the dashboard right now (your budget can be any amount, thus a 22 bid, with a 2,2 budget will get you 100 views).
Price per day really depends on how many times people visit the page a day, you don't get unique views, so one person visiting it 10 times will cost you 10 views.

You can choose which pages it pops up, dashboard, community, forums or gambling.

Seems to work great, except for the person who's advertising on the dashboard right now because the link doesn't work.