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Community » Forum » Feedback » Market Pandemic

17th Aug 2020 07:06:14
Matth99 VIP
The crisis in the game currently is the market with it’s low economic deals very few will work at a price below 45 dollars. That is why we must have an increase in the following exchanges, Food Packages by 1.5-2 dollars for companies to actually profit. Boost drinks need to increase by 11-13 dollars to make profit due to the low production rate of 2 drinks that sell for 12 each equaling 24 profit. Medkit prices need to increase 3-5 dollars.

The math behind all 3 products are shown here

Food packages = 5 packs per job, this sells for 9 dollars each in market, a good wage of 45+ Is your lose
Boost Drinks = 2 drinks per job drinks, this sells for 12 dollars each in market a good wage of 45+ Is a major loss
Medkits = 0.15 of a medkit per job, this sells for 45 dollars in market, setting a good wage of 45+ is either canceling your profits or you lose money.

You might say bot workers but the bare minimum to get one from what I’ve seen is still 45+ at least 47 so you don’t profit.

Hopefully in the future the prices change.
17th Aug 2020 14:18:38
18th Aug 2020 00:49:05
I fully agree
18th Aug 2020 03:14:40
Matth99 VIP
Thank you
18th Aug 2020 03:16:36
Matth99 VIP
Medkit market has improved now you make 50.25 a job
18th Aug 2020 03:19:06
Matth99 VIP
Food has to go up to about 9.7 or above to hire bots or 9.5 and above to get 47 wage with 50 cent profit
18th Aug 2020 04:39:33
Matth99, don’t be a spammer. Serious. You make one post only, not two, and not three. If you want to get trouble. Gluten sees your post, he is a forum moderator. Be careful, okay?
19th Aug 2020 16:51:45
Prices in the exchange are determined by the players, the game does not have any limits on them.
This means the price will fluctuate based on supply and demand, like a free market does, so I'm not sure what your feedback/suggestion is?

As for an explanation of the prices:
Due to relatively low demand in the retail sector the prices have dropped towards production prices, with very little margin in between.
Adding to that, production from other players is less needed because anyone can make an unlimited amount of companies.

I guess I do have some suggestions to help increase the profit margin of production companies:
- In my opinion it would be good to either improve retail demand (by for example adding 'droid worker' housing and item buying).
- And/or reduce the amount of production companies by adding fixed costs, acting similar to land where the company will go on auction if not paid for x amount of time.
- Also adding the ability to get rid of a company (either by auction or delete, possibly getting back 50% of the creation costs) would be a nice addition as I currently I have a lot of unused and useless companies.
- Stimulating the upgrading of companies would also work to decrease the amount of companies one would have (the current 1% increases are way too expensive and won't earn themself back anytime soon).
30th Aug 2020 13:47:28
Yeah, I understand the way how a free market works, but the problem with the in game market is that the quality of the products doesn't matter like in real life. That means that the richest companies have full control of the economy and monopol. Smaller "entrepreneurs" doesn't have the chance to make any big earnings as they still have the same fixed costs as the richer people. So the richest in the game could continue to be the richest and no other could catch them. The game is more like a socialistic model.

But I fully support the implementation of droid inhabitants, who also sometimes buy the more expensive products so the game would be more capitalism.
30th Aug 2020 18:09:27
Matth99 VIP
I agree