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Community » Forum » Feedback » Economic Stimulation

2nd Aug 2017 15:29:38
Maybe I'm not alone, but I'd like to be able to have a thread dedicated to discussing the growth of the economy. Exchange and critique brainstorm ideas!

I recall on a previous thread something about NPCs, and I'm on board with that concept. Perhaps develop an API for bot scripts to be written with? And have them running just to generate algorithmic trades. Maybe an NPC company could exist, or even a pool of NPC workers you can hire yourself. That would take the issue of too many jobs, not enough players, yet still generate more products and money.

Anybody have thoughts?
4th Aug 2017 19:30:43
There definitely needs to be some sort of economic stimulation.

Like you mentioned, the easiest fix for this is NPCs to continuously buy products (with money out of thin air), no need for bots or complex algorithm's, just a 'simple' randomizer for the amount of NPCs (based of amount of players), how many products they buy and when they do (keeping price in mind), pref from local retail only. Being able to hire those NPCs would be great too.

Hope the developer will show some insight into his plans soon.