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Community » Forum » Feedback » Set times for daily job reset

31st Jul 2017 20:02:23
Maybe it would be a nice idea to have a set time at which the 5 jobs you can do reset.

Right now you have to always login at the same time, if you happen to do the 5 jobs in the evening there's a good chance you'll miss them the next day if you log on a little earlier due to the 24-hour reset timer.

With a set time i.e. 24:00 PST, which is 07:00 GMT which should be fine for most of the US and EU players, you can login at any time of the day and be able to do the jobs every day with less chance of missing them.
1st Aug 2017 06:20:13
Jabbawack VIP
This sounds interesting. But what if you did your jobs before reset, and then you'd be able to do them again after reset?
1st Aug 2017 20:27:58
Yeah, in your scenario you could do them at say, 23:55 and again at 00:05, might seem odd, but it still means you cant do it more than twice every 48 hour period, you just get to choose when to do them rather than having to login the same time every day not to miss out.
1st Aug 2017 23:09:12
Jabbawack VIP
This seems like it might be beneficial to the economy if we did it that way, helping an increase in production and currency payouts.
2nd Aug 2017 19:03:20
Yep, it is a good idea.