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Community » Forum » Business » RETAIL STORE's Share for sale.

25th Nov 2019 06:05:00
Alex Don VIP
Who wants to get some share of a Retail store.
25th Nov 2019 16:12:46
Alex Don VIP
If anyone wondering how you can get it.

Here it is
26th Nov 2019 04:23:38
Alex Don VIP
Anyone, who works for...

Power Plant
Cement Plant

They will get 10 share for per day working on both companies.

That means you work for those companies 1 day, I will give you 10 shares.
20 shares for 2 days, 30 shares for 3 days.

Who work 10 days, they will get 125 shares.

To find those companies search by the name.

You have to work for both companies to get the shares.

Shares will distributed every 2 days. And everyone gets some bonus shares after completion of the project (means after construction of building) on the day of inauguration.

Thanks everyone.
26th Nov 2019 13:37:18
Alex Don VIP
There's also have a option 2.

You can buy some shares also,

Price per share is.......,
$1 + 8 kWh Electricity + 12 kg Cement

Who buy a good amount of shares, s/he will get some bonus shares also (at inauguration day).