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Community » Forum » Announcements » Patch Released!

24th Aug 2019 07:50:21
Gluten Moderator
A new patch has been released today!

There have been various tweaks made after the last patch that were released before today, but they are listed below anyhow.

If you find any bugs, please report them in this thread!

Quoting Changelog:
- Added Production Level system. Resource production companies can now be upgaded to produce goods faster.
- Owned companies and decision maker jobs can now be sorted via drag & drop on the Dashboard > Companies & Jobs page.
- Moved Companies and their management under Business instead of Community.
- Highscore rankings are now updated properly in regular intervals.
- Added history graph to company management History page.
- Added ability to edit retail offers.
- Renter name is shown to apartment company controllers.
- Retail offers and renting contracts are cleared from tiles that go to auction.

- Fixed various bugs and made various tweaks.

New ideas are very welcome! :-)

4th Sep 2019 05:49:06
Are companies valued more if production levels are increased?
5th Sep 2019 12:06:36
Gluten Moderator
Currently it does not affect company valuation, but this will be addressed in the next patch.