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Community » Forum » Feedback » Proposing New Ideas - Vol. 1

28th Jul 2017 01:20:29
Jabbawack VIP
So, obviously, is in its early-early-stages.. so this means its up to the community to come up with some amazing new ideas. As I've been playing for some time, I've noticed a complete lack in the idea department for certain key aspects of the game. So I propose some of these new ideas that would help smooth the game along extensively, and I invite all of you--the community--to discuss, help patent, and propose any other ideas as well as mine!

1.) *Bank Ideas*
So, as of now, us bankers have noticed a complete lack in ways for a bank to profit, as well as some features that need to be tweaked. As followed..

[Receivership]: Say a company or person goes bankrupt from failure to payback a loan in time or decides not to pay back the loan. (Yes, that is an option). Now your bank profit is down with no intention of increasing from that person paying back a loan, especially now that their interest keeps going up. What do we do? There's nothing that can be done. So I propose a system that lets a bank cease assets such as companies, stock, currencies, and products to accumulate the overall debt they have to pay back. So if you loan USD 1000 to a person/company, and after the days they have to pay it back, and they don't.. your bank can cease their company, assets, etc. Until it equals the amount of debt they're in.

[Auto-Payment System]: When paying rent, buying product, etc.. if not enough currency is on your person, it is auto taken from your bank account. Also, in addition to 'Receivership', banks should have an option to freeze accounts, as well as an option to trigger an auto-payment to continue to force a person's money to automatically be paid back to the bank every time they accumulate more money after ceasing assets if a person decides not to payback a loan.

2.) *Business Ideas*
Perhaps what businesses are lacking, are more in-depth control of your company, along with the option of new businesses.

[Incentives & Promotions]: Ways to appeal to and hire workers.
~ A pay-grade increase to workers you deem dedicated. (Giving a use to the working % function)
~ Option to promote workers to new titles and choose pay-grade, resulting in production increase determined by average % worked. (I can promote a packer that I've noticed working at 100% consistently, to a conveyor belt operator--worker must accept promotion.)
{Food Production}
2pks > a Packer
2.5pks > a Conveyor Belt Operator
3pks > a Cook
{Medicine Production}
0.15pk > a Packer
0.25pk > a Conveyor Belt Operator
0.32pk > a Chemist
{Cement Production}
150kg > a Mixer
225kg > a Machine Operator
300kg > a Mason
{Electric Production}
150kg > a Laborer
225kg > a Machine Operator
300kg > an Electrician
{Mining Production}
150kg > a Miner
225kg > a Smelter
300kg > a Smith
NOTE: These are just some ideas to get the ball rolling if you choose to pursue this idea. Titles and production can always be altered before implementation.

[New Companies]: Production Companies need boxes to ship their products, and boxes require lumber, and lumber requires property.
> Lumber Production
> Box Production
> Mining Production

3.) *Asset Ideas*

[New Products]: Employers could choose which workers produce a product of that company.
{Building Items/Raw Materials}
> Lumber (needed to make boxes/doors/construction of buildings)
> Door (needed in construction of buildings--amount of doors=amount of apartments)
> Metal Ore (required by a company to rework metal[?])
> Metal Ingot (needed to make nails and construction of buildings)
> Nails (needed to make boxes[?], doors, construction of buildings)
> Boxes

{Food Items}
5% Energy > Candy Bar (replaced with current Food Packs)
15% Energy > Protein Bar
30% Energy > Small Coffee
50% Energy > Medium Coffee
100% > MRE/Food Pack

{Medicine Items}
5% HP > Band-aid (replaced with current Med Packs)
15% HP > Syringe
30% HP > Pills
50% HP > Med Pack
100% > Adrenaline Shot

[Raw Materials]: Perhaps a system for companies to purchase raw materials in order to produce certain items. Aka, everything takes something to make something for something. System also goes hand in hand with mining and lumber companies purchasing properties and harvesting them for resources, required by establishing a factory on the property and workers working for the company to harvest a limited amount of resource (which could slowly deplete or grow back over time depending on consistency).

Anyhow, just a few ideas I thought I'd mention. Some are prioritized more than others, specifically the beginning of the post about loans. Because as of now, banks are practically useless if there is no asset cease or repercussion for players if decided not to pay back loans.

Let me hear your opinions and suggestions on anything you feel could be tweaked. These are just base-ideas.

CEO Jabbawack