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Community » Forum » Announcements » Small Update (1st June)

31st May 2019 22:50:16
Gluten Moderator
Some changes have been released today:

Achievement System
Achievement points were added. You get 10 points for every bronze badge, 50 points for silver and 100 points for gold. There is a highscore for them at Community > Achievement Highscores. You can see the current status of your achievements under Dashboard > Achievements.

Adjustment proposals and ideas for new achievements are welcome!

Available Jobs Changes
Wage is now hidden on the Available Jobs list. Companies with more employees are ranked lower, with the formula wage * 0.99^hiredemployees. This way, small companies seem more competitive on the list and can get workers.

NPC Buying System
NPCs buying goods from retail stores should work again! Feedback on how it works for your retail shop is welcome, so we can tweak the values.

Currently only food and medicine boxes are bought by NPCs.

Bug Fixes & Tweaks
- Auctioned tiles no longer destroy existing constructions on that tile
- Fixed occasional slow loading of highscores
- Added groups listing page under Community
- Fixed a number of broken links
- Showing estimated construction cost on the Create Construction Contract form
- Added more ingame ad locations

Best regards,
2nd Jun 2019 20:46:51
Gluten Moderator
Some more changes released today:

- Referring is now advertised via a notification, and we now give 30 days of VIP to the referrer whenever the referred player buys VIP.
- Auctions now show how many seconds are left instead of just "A moment". Once the timer hits 0, it is no longer possible to bid. It is planned for the future that bidding will extend by 5 minutes for any last moment bids, but this is not a priority fix.
- In the future, tiles that go to auction have retail offers and renting contracts reset on them.
- Various tweaks, for example number formatting in Net Worth graphs has been improved.
3rd Jun 2019 19:42:02
Gluten Moderator
Today, renting contracts on tiles with no apartment building construction have been cleared. Make sure you rent a new apartment if you lost your previous one!