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27th May 2019 20:24:12
Gluten Moderator
Hello everybody - I'm still alive! :-)

The plan is to start working on the game again after a long while gone.

Today, I have updated a few things:

We have a new contact e-mail: [email protected]
Also, an IRC channel on QuakeNet: #moneygame - Click Here

We have updated our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy due to new GDPR laws. By continuing usage of the website, you accept these terms, that you can read HERE.

The forum has been cleaned up from most spam. If you find more spam, report them to me.

Proposals for new features or changes to old ones are very, very welcome. E-Mail us, PM me (Gluten) in-game or drop a line in the IRC channel.

I'm also considering a reset of the game, to give everyone a fair chance to get started with the newest feature set available. However, it is probably better to implement some features and changes before the reset, so we can try them out properly.

Sincerely yours,
28th May 2019 08:57:04
mkarim VIP
That sound a nice plan !
And by the way, welcome back !! :D
28th May 2019 17:22:48
Glad to hear you are continuing the development!

I'll try and send you a couple proposals for new features/adjustments and list a couple bugs I've encountered later this week.
5th Jun 2019 00:53:50
Glad that you are back and hopefully feeling better, Gluten!
21st Jul 2019 12:18:21
When will the game be reset?
21st Jul 2019 17:15:31
Gluten Moderator
At the moment there are no plans to reset the game.
22nd Aug 2019 18:48:11
Quoting Gluten:
At the moment there are no plans to reset the game.

Are there any plans for any new features or updates?
24th Sep 2019 21:47:11
Hey, How anyone are?
30th Nov 2019 14:43:12
Alex Don VIP
Hello everyone.
9th Jan 2020 18:42:55
fnx5STvz VIP
Noticed some styling updates, any big plans in the works?
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