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Community » Forum » Feedback » Background worker failure

16th Oct 2018 05:01:51
Auction and land tax calculators are stuck at 'A moment' for several hours today.
19th Oct 2018 13:40:39
Yup. They are on strike
25th Oct 2018 13:02:32
hello everyone , anyone else than me in this game ? any news for its future ?
26th Oct 2018 04:49:05
We appear to be “stuck” right now. Folks are logging in and playing but no new development has been in evidence for a while.
12th Dec 2018 09:01:48
the owner finally sold his other game (about 7-8 years too late) and gone back into hiding. clicking on the company website at the bottom redirects to the new owners. this game has been abandoned for years now
13th Dec 2018 05:27:50
Farewell cruel world