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Community » Forum » Offtopic » Everybody gone?

4th Sep 2018 03:54:08
LOTS of property up for sale — seems to me that the economy has crumbled and there’s nothing much for people to do?

I’ve still been trying to eke out a small corner of the game - but more as a nightly maintenance game than any real energy.

Anybody know if there are new updates forthcoming or should I consider this near the end of the line?
14th Sep 2018 05:14:30
There ain’t nobody left but us chickens.
15th Sep 2018 22:42:37
Still here, clickin away most every day
16th Sep 2018 15:40:38
So... just the two of us?.
27th Sep 2018 22:04:07
So quiet. Not even spam to read
3rd Oct 2018 15:56:23
the developer is on his deathbed and is selling his other game because that has completely collapsed aswell. Looks like he is just abandoning this game (although, we knew that months ago). Gluten Last Seen: 26th Mar 2018 13:43:38
4th Oct 2018 03:10:02
Quoting kodfishkod:
the developer is on his deathbed...snip...
Gluten Last Seen: 26th Mar 2018 13:43:38

Literally in his deathbed, or figuratively as in no time to spend on this application?

So sad!
11th Jan 2019 09:23:10
hello, i am new here, care to guide me ?
12th Jan 2019 10:14:15
it's not worth it, no updates for ages. left after realizing repression is permanent