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Community » Forum » Help » Flu Vaccine

14th Jun 2018 08:14:09
Is this a thing that anybody is making and selling??
15th Jun 2018 13:25:08
fnx5STvz VIP
i'm making it (via Tamiflu), can produce 0.01 pcs / day
at $2.5 / day the cost of production will be $250
16th Jun 2018 00:52:48
fnx5STvz VIP
I've caught flu 3 times this year :(
19th Jun 2018 23:53:19
I have caught the flu 4 times just this month, twice in the first week of June. -.-

And not a single retail store in any country is selling vaccines.
2nd Jul 2018 20:12:26
fnx5STvz VIP
Takes quite a while to produce it, I will sell once I make second dose.
3rd Jul 2018 01:39:48
I’ll come work towards it if I can have dibs on the results. LOL

I went through all stores looking..
3rd Jun 2019 12:55:29
How do you buy one?