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Community » Forum » Business » Anyone up to sell food/energy drinks

24th May 2018 15:32:01
Pm me if you're interested, exchange is dead for days,
25th May 2018 03:58:51
LOL — I’ve been generating food and energy (and medicine) — but have no facility to sell

Anybody want to be a pal and help build one? Or help move some product to the ‘bots which allegedly were supposed to stimulate this economy?

This feels like Argentina ..... too soon?
27th May 2018 16:41:09
Theres barely any 'bots' buying, that got messed up in the last update.. like 3 months ago..

You can buy a stake (and become director) in 'EuroMart' in finland if you like to try it out though
27th Sep 2019 22:04:02
How much EuroMart pay money?