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Community » Forum » Help » Production cost calculation question

26th Mar 2018 05:11:19
Trying to figure this out:

I’m laying $7.51 to be competitive with my food company. I have 3 worker slots. Each worker produces 2 food.

My cost to produce is listed as $3.67

If it were straight division then I’d expect cost to produce to be 7.51 / 2 or $ 3.755

But instead it’s like 0.977 of what I expect.

Is there an economy of scale effect?
26th Mar 2018 16:35:46
Hmm, it's showing the correct numbers for me with those values (3.755 rounded to 3.76 correctly), try re-setting the wages and check again.

There isn't an economy of scale effect currently (although that would be a good idea!).